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Official Cwmbran Angling Association

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How was Cwmbran Angling Association formed

During the 1950's -60's most of the major industries in Cwmbran & surrounding districts has sports/social clubs often subsidized by the co.'s , encompassing popular sports like rugby, football, cricket, bowls, dramatic societies and in some cases angling interests. Here in Cwmbran we had Girling, Saunders Valve, GKN, Alpha Laval, RTB's and Avondale Tinplate Works.

In 1962 a group of anglers from Girling approached the local Councillor about using the Afon Lwyd as a trout fishery. The group were advised that if a club was formed in Cwmbran for the populace, then their ideas would be accepted more favorably, as the river was owned by the council and was therefore the use of everyone, not just members of a private works club.


Hence on 12th September 1963, 21 interested anglers from the region attended a meeting that had been advertised in the South Wales Argus some days previously, in the Kings Head Pub, Station Road, Pontnewydd. Those present unanimously agreed to the formation of the club, Officers and Committee were elected a constitution was drawn up Cwmbran AA now existed with fair representation of all the angling interests in the district.

1966 -The first annual stocking of the Lywd took place with takeable brown trout, the river having been previously stocked (as an experiment) by the Usk River Division who were very involved with the "clean -up " of the river owing to new legislation. The water quality had shown a very rapid improvement, the permission to stock was therefore granted by URD as a measure of their success in water management.

                              The Mon./Brecs. canal,within the boundaries of the Cwmbran Urban District Council,was added to the annual lease (licence to fish)on the Avon Lwyd.We now had a coarse fishery from Bevans Lane,in the north to Malpas Court,in the south;about 5 miles in total.An initial stocking of 400 Tench & Bream,10"-12",took place at Bevans Lane.

1969 - The annual lease for the river & canal was changed to a 5 year lease,the council having been impressed with our performance to date.6000 silverfish,4"-!0",were stocked at Bevans Lane.Acid in the Lwyd caused a "kill" & the ACA got us compensation after a 2 year battle,which resulted in a 2000 stocking in the river of takeable size trout 

1974 - The amalgamation of the Rural & Urban District Councils saw the rise of Torfaen Borough Council who gave us a 30 year lease on the river and canal.

1976 - Another "kill" on the river different polluter and pollutant. Again the ACA succeeded in getting a monetary payment and 1500 fish over 3 years. The payment was invested in a building society and a Fisheries Development Account was setup funded every year partly by donations and is still in use today.

1985 - Purchase of the Great Manson Fishery River Monnow , Osbaston, Monmouth. Match funding from Sports Council of Wales

1989 - Annual lease on Llantarnam Ponds

1994 - 5 year lease on Llantarnam Ponds
1999 - Demise of Cwmbran Development corporation  new owners Ringtel Electronics UK.
2001 - 999 year lease for Llantarnam Ponds
2006 - Waterways for Life Project with Torfaen C.B.C on Mon/Brecs canal disabled pegs at Henlys way.

2007 -  Repairs/renewals of pegs & stocking of silverfish on ponds with E.A.Renewal of lease for river & canal with TCBC for 12 years.

2012 -  Negotiations with Ringtel on purchase of Llantarnam Ponds.Tree-felling,landscaping & access for wheelchairs with grant from E.A.Works carried out by Usk & Wye Foundation.

2013 - Purchase of Llantarnam Pond, restocking of crucian carp, bream and hybrids. Development of landscaping and much more. Grants have been applied for, for pegs with disabled/able-bodied access.

2015 - we have now stocked  llantarnam ponds and canal with carp, Rudd and roach also Chubb, barbell,bream,perch,