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Official Cwmbran Angling Association

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ASSOCIATION RECORDS                                      

The following are official club records of fish caught on Cwmbran A.A. waters.
To make a claim for a club record you must -

Use accurate scales that can be checked by the club.
The catch must be witnessed by another responsible adult.
A photograph is preferable but not essential to forward to the club wih your claim.
Make a note of the date and venue.
Handle the fish with care and return fish to the same water.
Species                           Weight                               Venue                           Caught by                          Date

Bream                             3lb 14oz                             dragonfly pool              David Edwards            26/4/16


Carp ( ghost)

Carp ( mirror)

Carp ( common)             5lb                                 Dragonfly pool               Peter Harvey                     16/2/16

Carp ( Crusian )

Carp ( F1)



Eel                               1lbs 1.6 Oz's                     dragonfly pool                 David Edwards                    26/4/16

Perch                              1Lb 14.7ozs                      Kingfisher pool               Nathan Evans                   13/4/16



Tench                          2lbs  15.8 Oz's                dragonfly pool                    David Edwards                        26/4/16


As Always we wish you TIGHT LINES !