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Official Cwmbran Angling Association

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Dowlais Brook

The Dowlais Brook is often overlooked because of its location. Where is it ? - it actually runs through Cwmbran - from the Fairwater area, down through Llantarnam industral park, past Llantarnam Ponds and on through Llantarnam Abbey grounds and into the Afon Llewyd. This is the feeder brook for the ponds and the Cwmbran a.a. stretch is 650 yards long. Cwmbran owns - not just the 3 ponds and the Dowlais brook, we also own all the surrounding land. It is located directly behind Llantarnam ponds and is about five times the size of the Olway Brook outside of usk.
The brook has been seen to contain small Trout, Minnows, Eels, Stone Loach and other species in recent times. A good brook for anglers that like using brook rods and having some fun. 

Dowlais Brook - looking south off the road bridge. This photograph was taken during December 2015 and is pretty typical of the Brook after some heavy rainfall. The brook continues from here - to wind its way behind all three ponds. In this condition and swell , at the widest point in the photo - the brook is approx eight yards wide and two and a half foot deep. 

Dowlais Brook again - But this time looking north off the road bridge. Taken at the same time as the top photograph - the brook is slightly narrower here. Approx four to  five yards wide - but still about two feet deep.