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Official Cwmbran Angling Association

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Club Lapel / Pin Badge
Produced to celebrate the Golden Jubilee in 2013
Approx sizes - 30mm wide x 25mm high

A Day of discovery and enlightenment

Yesterday ( Monday 23rd November) I made a trip over to Tredegar with a mate to visit Tredegar Angling Centre, a trip I have been intending to make all year. Out of shear curiosity I very often visit tackle dealers around South Wales to see what they stock and also to top up on gear that I might be short of. On arrival the shop front looked smart and slightly larger than the average tackle dealers I have visited. We drove around the back of the shop and found plenty of parking space. Walking into the shop - I was slightly shocked to say the least,.. at the amount of stock and gear I could see. The counter to our right was about 25 feet long and we were greeted by the owner Mr Mark Jones. We started to have a look around the shelves and I was impressed with the fact that the shop just got bigger and bigger. The shelves are stocked with a mind shattering array of baits and the latest most up to date gear and methods ive seen anywhere. We chatted to Mark while walking around and within a few minutes of our arrival were both offered tea and coffee - great stuff as Mark did not know us from Adam. There are 2 floors - on the ground floor the shop is what I would describe as 3 rooms deep and holds items I have heard of but never seen before. Literally anything for course fishing you could ever want. Upstairs there are 2 rooms with the best selection of bivvy beds and chairs I have seen, also wellies,ankle boots,clothing etc. It took us 2 hours to walk around and take everything in. Having had a cuppa off Mark - us oldies had the call of nature - no problem - we were directed to the toilet on the second floor. Mark could not do enough for us and he is obviously a very experienced angler himself. After buying a few small items we both said farewell and upon leaving popped into the cafe next door to the tackle shop and had faggots and peas. What more could you ask for as a course fisherman, with plenty of parking, on site toilet, given tea and coffee, lovely staff, masses of kit and a cafe next door. We also noticed that there was a regular bus service - with a bus stop outside the shop with buses pulling in from Newport. I more than recommend this as a half day trip for anyone in and around Torfaen. The only thing is - they don't carry much fly fishing stuff, as they dont get much call for it. The shop is Tredegar Angling Centre, 5 Morgan Street, Tredegar, NP22 3NA. Tel: 01495 - 725570

The Pike's Capabilities -

If you believe coarse fishing is not exciting, or that Pike are fussy creatures -  watch this piece of film. They are even known to take prey as large as themselves. Larger Pike have been known to take lambs, small dogs and Ducks.( not for the faint hearted)

If you notice any Cwmbran A.A. waters being polluted or backside's being damaged - please write any evidence down or take photo's of the vehicle registration, people's faces,time place and date and contact the club committee a.s.a.p. the numbers can be found on this website.
In addition -
If you see any waters being polluted anywhere please contact the authorities on 0870807060  and give them any evidence you might have.