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Official Cwmbran Angling Association

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Club Rules.


Any interests that involve being in, on or around water can be dangerous. Soft, slippery, boggy or uneven ground and waterside banks etc. can present serious hazards.Please be advised that anyone being on land - or using waters belonging to Cwmbran angling association DO SO AT THEIR OWN RISK. 

Incidents of concern.
It is the duty of all members to report to the committee or appropriate body mis - conduct, pollution, injury, death of wildlife,fly tipping, willful depositing of rubbish etc. Members are requested to leave their peg in reasonable condition after a days sport and to use the rubbish bins where provided, or to take their litter home. Do not discard tackle as this is hazardous to wildlife, domestic and farm animals. Plastic bags, wrapping, glass and metal containers are a hazard and are prohibited on all fisheries. Where provided, fishing must be from designated platforms. On the canal fishing is from the towpath /  cycle-way only. On rivers by designated routes or by wading (See plans). SENSIBLE CAR PARKING PLEASE.

Trout - Earthworm and artificial Fly only.You WILL BE prosecuted if you use spinners or coarse fishing baits.
Course - The only bait restrictions are Bloodworm and live baiting (other than with live fish taken from the IMMEADIATE VACINITY). Deadbaiting with sea fish only (Sprat, Herring, Mackerel, Sardine etc.).

Keepnets minimum 2.5 mtrs x 0.5 mtrs diameter. Landing nets 2 mtrs x 0.5 mtrs diameter.

Unhooking mats.
Must be used with larger fish. Any fish that cannot be held comfortably in one hand whilst being unhooked - must be placed on a mat to do so - no other surface is exceptable !

Micro - barb or barbless only, other than Trout Flies and trebles for Pike fishing.

Fish welfare.
All Fish to be handled with wet hands and in a way to cause the least distress. All large fish to be returned to the water as quickly as possible. Keepnets must be emptied regularly. Do not allow the fish to jump about the banks as this distresses them and causes disease through abrasions. DO NOT KILL FISH other than Trout retained for the table ( two fish in 24 hours) or if diseased / injured. All fish including Eels must be returned to water. Trout must be a minimum of 23 centimeters (nine inches) in length, undersized fish must be returned to the water. Take a look at our  fish care/welfare article on this website ! 

Permitted hours.
ON CANAL AND RIVER FISHERIES - Dawn to dusk ( one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset ). Any member fishing outside these hours render themselves to club discipline  and possible legal proceedings by other parties.
LlANTARNAM PONDS - Night fishing IS allowed. But members are expected to keep noise to an absolute minimum. No Bivies, No fires are allowed. Respect the nearby houses and residents. Complaints against any member could result in being banned.
Statutory obligations
Members are subject to any bye - laws currently in force ( eg. Borough Council, Environmental Agency and their successors ).

If you are aged 12 years or older you must own a current national rod licence.

Public liability insurance.
Members and Day ticket holders are covered for personal liability up to £10M, tackle and other goods are not covered under this policy. Your own personal policy must be taken out to cover such items.

Members must remove their tackle if birds enter your swim,do not resume fishing until these birds have vacated your swim. If you unfortunately entangle a bird , try to remove your tackle, but if unable to do so or the bird is distressed seek advice / help - DO NOT LEAVE ANY WILDLIFE IN DISTRESS. You could be committing an offence that could lead to legal proceedings against you.

Information / advice - There are a number of organisations in the area for this purpose.

Match Rules.
1. All matches,unless otherwise stated on the day will be PEGGED DOWN, spaced 10 mtrs apart (min) unless purpose built pegs are being used
2. Each competitor will draw a number indicating the peg allotted - which is not transferable to another competitor.
3. No pre - baiting prior to start of match.
4. No breaking of waters to plumb depth, set weights, or floats, or gauge any distance before start signal, or to set nets or bank sticks. No raking or clearing of swim before start signal.
5. Start and finish signal to be clearly EXPLAINED to all competitors (eg. whistle / flag etc) before commencement of match,by person organizing the competition (eg match sec / organizer).
6. If temporary pegs are being used, these must be returned by competitor at he end of the match.
7. Disqualifications; Failure to comply with 2. 3. 4. 6. above, abusive behavior,failing to leave peg in reasonably clean condition.
8. Dispute; Should be resolved on bankside, but may be brought before committee for a final judgement.
9. Baits; No Joker or Bloodworm to be used in matches.
10. Weigh - in; To be exercised by person (s) appointed by organizer before match commences.
11. Rover matches; Some circumstances on some fisheries may impose difficulties to "peg down" a match. This will institute a "rover" style match, whereby competitors will select their swims, to be fished within a time bracket, and return to the designated start zone, within a specified time scale (eg 15 mins either way) for weight results.
( If a match is cancelled for any reason, where possible 24 hour notice will be given. Competitors will be contacted by the match secretary or another committee member. If anyone wishes confirmation of a match - they can contact the match secretary the night before. )